Did you hear the tree fall?

As a Christian I have an obligation to share my faith, to WITNESS to the world that Jesus was born of a virgin, was crucified, died and arose from the dead on the third day.  His sacrifice was made to save you and me and to permit our sins to be forgiven.

He sits at the right hand of the father, but he will return to judge both the living and the dead…….. Continue reading

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What mark will you leave upon the world?  An older gentleman once told me your life is but a dash.  He went on to say the dash between dates on your tombstone represents your whole life, not much of a showing is it he said? Continue reading

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Everyday Miracles

My favorite place to vacation is Destin, Florida and specifically at the Coral Reef Inn.  We rent a condo just feet from the ocean and spend a week enjoying the Emerald Coast of the United States.  The kids spend their days on the beach, and snorkeling just to name a few of the fun things to do.  My wife relaxes, letting her hair down sipping a fruity drink all the while trying to protect the family from frying in the summer sun. Continue reading

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God Provides

God ask us to believe, faith is after all the very foundation of Christianity.  That fact was recently proven to me yet again as God took the opportunity to show he is all powerful and that miracles both small and large happen every day.

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I lead a Bible study group every Friday at a local nursing home, its my favorite hour of the week.  Sixty short minutes to share with a group of older folks I’ve come to love.  Each week I learn a little more about them, for instance last week a conversation about tomatoes led to a discussion about BLT’s.

If bacon makes everything better, a bacon, lettuce  and tomato sandwich must be the perfect food.  I know they’re my favorite and have been since childhood.  My Mom use to make the best, with tomatoes and lettuce fresh from our garden and the bacon once rolled in the mud just beyond the garden fence.

Mom is part of my Bible study group and we were deep in discussion about tomatoes when another resident of the home mentioned they only get bacon a few times per week, and even then only one piece per person.

One piece……

I can’t get it out of my mind.  I can not imagine a life in which bacon is such a treat that I would only see 3 pieces a week.  Where did her life go off the tracks that landed her in such a situation.  And why can’t I save her……


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Good Friday

When you ask most people about Christianity two things come to mind, Christmas and Easter.   However, the Passion of the Christ began with his tortured death upon the Cross on the day known as Good Friday. Continue reading

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Read Your Bible

A relationship with God is pretty simple to have, read your Bible and praying every day are great ways to start, seems simple.  However, for some it is but a dream. Continue reading

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EzRag to Announce Presidential Picks

EzRag decided the time has come to endorse a candidate for president.  We have considered all the candidates and have drawn the following conclusions:

The Democrat Party cannot be supported in any fashion so long as abortion is part of its platform.

Third Party Candidates have no path to a successful run, and thus are a wasted vote.

Thus, EzRag will throw it’s support behind, Continue reading

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We Don’t Go That Way…

If you spend much time at all talking with people about religion a common theme heard these days is I believe in God, but I don’t believe in organized religion.  I recently had an encounter with a local pastor that helped me understand why. Continue reading

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The Value of Life

All life has value, even when the owner of that life fails to realize they are valuable.  The spark of life, a gift from our creator is a precious thing and yet society today permits it to be tossed away like so much unwanted trash.

Be honest, Continue reading

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