EzRag to Announce Presidential Picks

EzRag decided the time has come to endorse a candidate for president.  We have considered all the candidates and have drawn the following conclusions:

The Democrat Party cannot be supported in any fashion so long as abortion is part of its platform.

Third Party Candidates have no path to a successful run, and thus are a wasted vote.

Thus, EzRag will throw it’s support behind,


Donald J. Trump, and here is why.

America has been led astray one might say we no longer have a moral authority to rule the world.  We live in a nation that has lost more lives to abortion in the last 40 years than in the wars of nearly 250 years.

We believe Mr. Trump’s journey has led him to a Pro-Life position and that he will appoint Supreme Court Justices that will ultimately end abortion on demand.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Clearly Mr. Trump is the only viable candidate that has ever created a non-governmental job.

Waste, Fraud and Abuse.  Mr. Trump will hold Washington D.C. politicians accountable in the style only a businessman will understand.

Mr. Trump may be a little rough around the edges, he may have taken a life time to reach his current platform, but we believe he will:

Make America Great Again…….do we really have so say anything else?


About EzRag

Frustrated with the direction America has been headed for more than a generation EzRag was created so that the world might read and share the thought of an everyday American. The words you read have no agenda, they are based in a belief in God and influenced by the reality of today's world.
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