Good Friday

When you ask most people about Christianity two things come to mind, Christmas and Easter.   However, the Passion of the Christ began with his tortured death upon the Cross on the day known as Good Friday.

Condemned to die, born to die, proud to die, depending upon your vantage point Jesus’ path the cross was either horrible, destined or the bravest move in history.  All of which are true.

I understand that Jesus completed the prophecies of Judaism  and that it all had to happen to begin Christianity, but I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like today if Christ had been permitted to live his life on earth as a man, and of course as the son of God?

What if Jesus had become a political King?  What if he lived his life, led his people and permitted the masses decades, or centuries to see what was possible when one served the one true God.

Atlas, we’ll never know what a full life for Jesus would have done for mankind.  But we do know what his short 33 years provided……..GRACE and the possibility of ever lasting life.

Join me, (Every head is bowed every eye is closed)

Dear Heavenly Father we come to  you today in prayer, first to thank you for every thing we have and every thing we are.  We thank you for the forgiveness you provide the blessing of your word, and most of all the sacrifice of your only son, Jesus.

Lord we remember the price that Jesus paid, a pain so great we can hardly imagine……  All that we might be forgiven.


What more can we say but thank you.

In Jesus name, Amen.


About EzRag

Frustrated with the direction America has been headed for more than a generation EzRag was created so that the world might read and share the thought of an everyday American. The words you read have no agenda, they are based in a belief in God and influenced by the reality of today's world.
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