God Provides

God ask us to believe, faith is after all the very foundation of Christianity.  That fact was recently proven to me yet again as God took the opportunity to show he is all powerful and that miracles both small and large happen every day.

My ministry is small, hardly a ministry but a Bible study at a local nursing home.  Regardless it was thru our weekly Bible study that I met Chester, and elderly gentleman who is legally blind and thus unable to read the Bible.  Each week Chester enjoys our time in the word, and relates how he wishes he could enjoy the Bible on his own.

I looked for something to help him, but nothing affordable was available.  So I prayed for help.  With money tight I could not just buy it myself thus sadly I was unable to help.  But it doesn’t take money to pray and I went to the Lord every day for help.

We have another Bible study session in the morning and as I was getting ready to prepare an advertisement popped up on my computer screen for an audio Bible for just $15.  I sat there debating, it was only $15 but still money is tight.

As I sat there my mind turned to Chester, he reminds me very much of my own father who lost his sight late in life.  And with thoughts of my late father on my mind I decided to buy the audio Bible for Chester.  I clicked buy and that was when God stepped up and the miracle happened.

Somehow my account was given a free $20 coupon…….  Chester’s audio Bible was free!

God is Great!

About EzRag

Frustrated with the direction America has been headed for more than a generation EzRag was created so that the world might read and share the thought of an everyday American. The words you read have no agenda, they are based in a belief in God and influenced by the reality of today's world.
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