Everyday Miracles

My favorite place to vacation is Destin, Florida and specifically at the Coral Reef Inn.  We rent a condo just feet from the ocean and spend a week enjoying the Emerald Coast of the United States.  The kids spend their days on the beach, and snorkeling just to name a few of the fun things to do.  My wife relaxes, letting her hair down sipping a fruity drink all the while trying to protect the family from frying in the summer sun.

My favorite activity is sitting on the edge of the water, threatened or at least splashed by an occasional wave and reading my Bible.  Somehow the ocean makes me feel closer to God than practically anything else.  I can almost see Jesus in a small boat just off shore speaking to the masses……

Like many Christians I stumble from time to time.  Staying in a state of grace isn’t always easy, I can’t explain why but somehow I have been guilty of letting life get in between me and the Lord.  One such example is my quest to read the entire Bible.  I began on the beach in Destin, literally spending hours sitting by the ocean growing my relationship with God.  I don’t think I ever felt closer to God, but then the vacation ended.

Fourteen hours driving back to Missouri was exhausting, then unpacking and preparing to return to our normal lives……….  Bottom line I sat my Bible down and did not pick it up for nearly two years.

God called me to minister to the elderly and as such I returned to my Bible.  Not everyday, but most days I read, studied and again loved my God.  About one month in I decided to once again attempt to read the entire Bible, my quest was aided or sparked by a pamphlet called Our Daily Bread, which offers a daily page to read as well as a plan to read the Bible in one year.  The decision made I opened my Bible to start the program……

To my surprise the plan called for me to begin reading at the exact word, on the exact page I had quit reading on the beach in Florida.

My non believing friends will probably giggle at my suggestion that God so perfectly planned out the world that such a thing can happen, and yet it did.  Miracles both large and small require a common theme to be seen………the faith to understand they are real.

About EzRag

Frustrated with the direction America has been headed for more than a generation EzRag was created so that the world might read and share the thought of an everyday American. The words you read have no agenda, they are based in a belief in God and influenced by the reality of today's world.
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