What mark will you leave upon the world?  An older gentleman once told me your life is but a dash.  He went on to say the dash between dates on your tombstone represents your whole life, not much of a showing is it he said?

I remember the story all these decades later, all the time with a different perspective on life.  As a kid I thought how silly it was that such a small line represented someone’s life, because life was so long.  But the years have brought wrinkles and some wisdom and I surely know life is short and the most folks leave little behind to represent their lives.

I recently read a story about Christine Wetherill Stevenson, a very wealthy heiress that died far to young in the 1920’s.  Gone nearly 100 years a 32 feet tall steel cross still stands in her honor in the hills of Hollywood, California just below the iconic Hollywood sign.  The tribute that signified her relationship with our Lord is a lasting legacy standing the test of time.  In theory it should still be there in yet another hundred years and beyond.

And thus my wheels started to turn, what is my legacy?  My children of course……  This website, but go a day beyond the appointed time without payment and it shall disappear from the world wide web.  Like most people I don’t have a 32 feet tall monument to remind the world of my existence.  No if my memory is going to live on it will be thru the lives of my children and their mark upon the world.

As I write this I am sitting outside a church as my children study about God in side.  For my children my legacy will be their memories of me and the life we shared.  Though it may be decades before they understand and appreciate the time I spent each week sitting here waiting on them it is one of the most important things I do each week.

It warms my heart when they ask me to read them Bible stories…….and though they are not made of steel or stand above thirty feet it warms my heart to know my Legacy is their love for the one who died upon the cross.

About EzRag

Frustrated with the direction America has been headed for more than a generation EzRag was created so that the world might read and share the thought of an everyday American. The words you read have no agenda, they are based in a belief in God and influenced by the reality of today's world.
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