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What mark will you leave upon the world?  An older gentleman once told me your life is but a dash.  He went on to say the dash between dates on your tombstone represents your whole life, not much of a … Continue reading

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Good Friday

When you ask most people about Christianity two things come to mind, Christmas and Easter.   However, the Passion of the Christ began with his tortured death upon the Cross on the day known as Good Friday.

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Read Your Bible

A relationship with God is pretty simple to have, read your Bible and praying every day are great ways to start, seems simple.  However, for some it is but a dream.

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We Don’t Go That Way…

If you spend much time at all talking with people about religion a common theme heard these days is I believe in God, but I don’t believe in organized religion.  I recently had an encounter with a local pastor that … Continue reading

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