EzRag to Announce Presidential Picks

EzRag decided the time has come to endorse a candidate for president.  We have considered all the candidates and have drawn the following conclusions:

The Democrat Party cannot be supported in any fashion so long as abortion is part of its platform.

Third Party Candidates have no path to a successful run, and thus are a wasted vote.

Thus, EzRag will throw it’s support behind, Continue reading

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We Don’t Go That Way…

If you spend much time at all talking with people about religion a common theme heard these days is I believe in God, but I don’t believe in organized religion.  I recently had an encounter with a local pastor that helped me understand why. Continue reading

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The Value of Life

All life has value, even when the owner of that life fails to realize they are valuable.  The spark of life, a gift from our creator is a precious thing and yet society today permits it to be tossed away like so much unwanted trash.

Be honest, Continue reading

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The Lessons of Life

The moment I found out my wife was having boys I could not wait to play catch with them, and to teach them the game I love.  Baseball has been a theme in our home since they were 2 years old…..  In the beginning I was teaching the game, strangely enough I never realized I was also teaching them how to live their lives Continue reading

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God’s Pick for President is….

…….oddly enough I don’t remember the Bible naming God’s political association.  And yet nearly every party has claimed to be the chosen people of God at one time or another.  Which is of course strange in itself because one party can’t kill enough babies and the other is in a hurry to inject the lethal dose for executions.  God was pretty clear in his call to protect life……..regardless if that life is your choice, or seen as somewhat damaged by either birth or crimes committed.

Which raises the question, “Who is God’s pick for president?”  Continue reading

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Where did the America I know go?

j flag

I remember waking up every Sunday as a kid in the 1970’s and knowing exactly what was about to happen.  Breakfast would be ready in a few minutes, consisting of eggs, bacon, biscuits and oatmeal.   A glass of orange juice and maybe if I pleaded enough a cup of coffee just like Dads.

After breakfast it was bath time, not a deluxe bath with bubbles or toys, but a quick its time to go to church bath.  Then we were in the car and off the the General Baptist Church.

Church began with Sunday school, sort of a school setting, but someone’s Mom was the teacher and it really seemed to be a mixture of art meets God than anything else.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but Sunday School is where I not only met my God, but learned about him.  Those teachers were impacting my life in ways I would not understand for years, and they never knew….or did they?  Continue reading

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When you set out to build something……

…..when you prepare to build something great you must assemble quality materials to construct your project, or at the very least the best you can attain.  When your project is a Ministry the materials are you…..  Thus I ask the Lord to heal my soul, to forgive my sins and to walk with me as I use this format to honor my God.

Our official kick off is March 1, 2016.  We hope to offer you a daily message, a thought, a moment with the word to guide your day.  Please share this site with your loved ones and stop by daily.





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